Holi Holy

I was going through VOGUE India’s online edition this morning and I came across an article in the Fashion Focus section called Holi Holy. There is a fashion film by fashion designer Manish Arora, who is an international designer of his own collection and was once the creative director for French fashion house Paco Rabanne.

The short video deals with India’s tradition that widows are not allowed to play in the Holi festival and must wear white all their lives once their husbands die. Holi festival is the festival of colors and is a Hindu religious festival. In the movie the tradition of widows wearing only white and not participating in the festival was broken for the first time in centuries in 2013.

India is such a complex country with a lot of rich history and traditions, but what I love most about it is that no matter where you go there is so much color and vibrancy all around. This movie is no different. I especially love that the main character is oh so curvaceous and she owns the part she is playing. She looks stunning in all the different fashion pieces that she is wearing and is werkin’ those heals in the flooded streets.

Don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself.

Manish Arora’s fashion film by Bharat Sikka.

October New Arrivals

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Freida Pinto & Vogue India

Ever since I saw Freida Pinto on the cover of Vogue India the other day I have been obsessing over Vogue India’s website. There is so much glamour and color on this site and Fashion Week in India is October 9-13 so there is bound to be even more glamour.

Here is the behind the scene’s look at Freida’s cover shoot for the 6th anniversary of Vogue India.