Ballet flats- The staple item all women should have

I am reading The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia for the second time. I have chosen this book to be a hostess gift and I plan on doing a blog post of all the great information that is packed in this short book. Two things I love about this book are the illustrations by Ruben Toledo and the great advice about the difference between style and fashion. I will go into more detail about this book in my review of the book soon, but I really love that Nina Garcia says that ballet flats are one of the staple items that everyone should have.

Basic Black folded

Basic Black bottom

Ballet flats are the perfect shoe to wear when heels just won’t do or to give a chic look to a casual outfit. Trunk’d Clothing carries the ultimate ballet flat that can go anywhere with you. I came across Fit in Clouds last Christmas on a Daily Candy daily deal. If you do not know what a Daily Candy daily deal  is then you are missing out on a lot of great deals.  I bought 5 daily deals for Fit in Cloud as I thought these would be great gifts to give my family and I was right. They ballet flats were a huge hit and I decided that I needed to add these to Trunk’d Clothing.

Fit in Cloud are ballet flats are foldable shoes that come with their own pouch that can be carried around in your purse. These are great after a long day at work or after a party. On the bottom of the shoes is a split sole structure that allows for the shoe to fold and gives the shoes more structure so that is can also be worn on the street. 

Silver Sequin Ballet Flat

In addition to these shoes being so portable they come in many different colors and designs.  With all the different colors and designs there is something for everyone. I love these shoes and are a must have for every girl!  Find out how you can get these for free when you host a Trunk’d Clothing party.         

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All images for the Fit in Cloud shoes are from the Fit in Cloud website at

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